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Who is this Cody guy anyway?

Hey there, my name's Cody Nichols! I am a Los Angeles based actor, voiceover artist, and sideshow performer who’s always engaged in all kinds of strange and creative endeavors, both onstage & onscreen. While film & TV acting has always been the #1 goal in my life, the voice acting was born out of a love of making weird voices and the constant pressuring of friends and family to finally act in some cartoons or something OK MOM?!

Career highlights include playing a young Albert Einstein in The Hammer Theatre's hit production of Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin, as well as the generic everyman Gary who somehow winds up bumbling his way into a Satanic ritual in the independent horror thriller film "The Monitor".

When I'm not voicing supervillains or doing bizarre magic shows, you can often find me engaging myself in projects that will test my creative limits and leave me coming out of it all the more wiser/weirder.

New Actor, Who Dis?: Bio
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